Madison District Attorney: NO CHARGES Against Officer in Black Teen Tony Robinson’s Death

Madison District Attorney Ismael Ozanne announces finding in death of 19 year-old teen Tony Robinson.
ony robinson decision
Attorney General Ismael Ozanne wiped his sweat away during the announcement.

Conclusion: There has been compliance in state statutes.
Tony Robinson took “shrooms” or some type of drugs.

From the press conference:
Three calls came in before shooting.
Tony tried to choke one individual and tried to assault two others on the sidewalk.
He then tried to break into an apartment.


Madison Police Officer Matt Kenny fatally shot Tony Robinson.
Tony was jumping in the street and blocking traffic.
He was “tweeking.”
Tony was talking to himself.

Tony was tearing up the apartment.
Witnesses also heard a fight. Robinson was seen running into a running car.
He jumped on a customer in a gas station and punched a pedestrian on a sidewalk.
Tony Robinson used marijuana, shrooms and Xanax.

Seven shots were fired in three seconds.
All seven shots hit Tony Robinson.
All bullets hit Robinson from front to back.
There were seven casings found at the scene.
All shots were fired from the bottom of the stairs.

Officer Kenny said when he exited his squad car he heard the commotion. He heard incoherent yelling and screaming. He indicated Tony Robinson was the person he was looking for. As he went in he pulled his firearm. As he got within a few steps from top of stairs he yelled, “Madison police!” Tony Robinson hit him in the face with his fist. This is consistent to damage on dry wall. Robinson came at him swinging at him. He was loosing balance. He shot two rounds. He did not know how he got to the bottom of the stairs. He retreated and yelled, “Don’t move.” Tony Robinson was still conscious. He radio shots fired and began rendering aid to Robinson until paramedics arrived.

I conclude that this tragic death was result of lawful use of police force.
No charges will be filed in death of Tony Robinson.

Protests are planned for Wednesday.

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