Leftist Professor Defends Pam Geller’s Right To Free Speech, Then Promptly Lies About Her

Guest post by DMartyr


Jonathan Zimmerman is your typical liberal.  He hypocritically pretends to support the rights of all Americans, even those with whom he disagrees.  He wants to appear as some noble crusader, defending the rights of a person he despises.  Yet the justification for his disdain is based on his own lies about her.

In his article, Zimmerman relates a speech that Geller gave in his own university classroom:


Moments into her remarks, the answer became clear: Pamela Geller is an anti-Islamic bigot who couldn’t care less about the facts. Geller said the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque” was just the tip of a gigantic plot to “Islamicize” America. She warned that states and localities might adopt Sharia law, which would legalize polygamy and child marriage. And all of that would happen with the blessing of the “pro-Muslim” President Obama, whom Geller said could be a closet Muslim himself.

Zimmerman has to vehemently condemn Geller as he almost apologetically defends her right to free speech.

The problem for Zimmerman is, the Geller speech was recorded.
The video proves Zimmerman is misleading his readers. The speech is over 60 minutes (much of it is Q&A), but you can hear Geller’s words for yourself. She never said any of those things:

This is how the liberals operate.  They invent lies and repeat them often enough that the lies soon becomes truth in the mind of the weak.   Zimmerman’s words are a perfect example.  He invented a lie and now writes it as truth because the lie has become so acceptable.

Je Suis Pamela Geller? No. The difference is, Geller doesn’t need to invent lies in order to defend rights. Zimmerman does.

(Hat Tip: Legal Insurrection)

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