It Begins: Far Left Leader Agrees With ISIS – Pamela Geller & Geert Wilders “Should Not Exist”

You knew it was only a matter of time.
On Wednesday far left leader Josh Marshall wrote that the Texas terrorists and Pamela Geller were the mirror image of each other.

geller geert
Pamela Geller and Geert Wilders

On Thursday Josh Marshall agreed with ISIS saying Pamela Geller and activist Geert Wilders should not exist.


TPM reported, via News Alert:

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a better illustration of the Guffmanite nonesense we discussed yesterday than this. Geert Wilders, the flamboyantly coifed far-right Dutch parliamentarian who is Geller’s partner in crime, has announced that we need more Prophet Mohammad cartoons to combat the failed attack in Garland. This really is the inexorable collision of two rival clowncarts throwing up cultural and physical shrapnel to innocents around them, two sides that can’t exist without each other and by any reasonable standard shouldn’t exist at all.

Josh Marshall is editor and publisher of Talking Points Memo.
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