ISIS Holds MASS EXECUTIONS in Ancient Palmyra Amphitheater – Vows to “Pulverize” Ancient Statues

ISIS took the ancient Roman city of Palmyra, Syria last week.

The terrorist group released video today stating they will not destroy the ancient historical sites – only the ancient statues.
isis colleseum video
From the video: Concerning the historical city, we will preserve it and it will not undergo damages insh’Allah, but what we will do is to pulverize statues that the miscreants used to pray to. As for the historical monuments, we will not touch it with our bulldozers as some tend to believe.

ISIS also reportedly held mass executions in the ancient Roman Palmyra Amphitheater, according to FOX News.


ISIS has reportedly killed more than 250 individuals in Palmyra since taking the city including 13 children.
bodies palmyra
Bodies littered the streets after ISIS took Palmyra last week.

ISIS has a history of destroying ancient artifacts.
The Islamic State released video in February of the destruction of the Ninewa Museum in Iraq.
The collection in the Ninawa museum dates back to the Assyrian empire
ninewa museum

ISIS gathered people in the amphitheater before the mass execution.
The AP reported:

Syrian activists say Islamic State group militants have shot dead a group of detainees in the Roman theater in ancient ruins of Palmyra.

They say Islamic State gunmen killed at least 15 men after accusing them of having fought with President Bashar Assad’s troops.

The incident — the first since the group captured the historic town in central Syria earlier this month — was reported by activists belonging to a Palmyra-based media collective and the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

They said the militants gathered people in the theater to watch. The theater is part of the 2,000-year-old Roman-era ruins in Palmyra.

ISIS is announcing a new video release from Palmyra.

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