ISIS Reportedly Trains “1,000” Kids to Become Suicide Bombers

Training kids to kill.
Here’s the latest video of ISIS teaching young children how to be terrorist killers.
This was filmed in Syria.
Via Raqqa SI:

Another kids’ training video was posted last year.
isis children training
ISIS kids are trained at terrorist camp.

ISIS has reportedly trained more than 1,000 kids to become suicide bombers at their training camps.
Bas News reported, via Religion of Peace:


The Iraqi Independent Commission for Human Rights claims that Islamic State (IS) militants have been training children to become suicide bombers.

Member of the commission Fadhil Kharawi, on Sunday told reporters in Baghdad that in the last seven months in the northern city of Mosul, IS have opened training bases to train children and use them as suicide bombers.

“Since last November, IS militants have trained more than a thousand children to become suicide bombers,” said Kharawi.

He revealed that the insurgents have opened an institution in Mosul, dedicated to brainwashing children and training them as soldiers.

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