ISIS Releases Latest Edition of ‘Dabiq’ Magazine – John Kerry Makes the Cover

ISIS released its ninth edition of Dabiq magazine on Friday.
Secretary of State John Kerry made the cover.
dabiq mag

Page 24 contains a section on healthcare in the Caliphate.
khilafah healthcare

ISIS is hoping to recruit new medical workers to come to the Caliphate. The terror group claims they reviewed 300 applications and accepted 100 individuals at the ar-Raqqah clinic.


The latest edition includes an entire section on sexual slavery. The Islamists believe it is acceptable to marry sex slaves.

On page 30 ISIS claims that two German twins became suicide bombers in Ramadi.
german twins isis

ISIS frequently uses Western recruits for cannon fodder.

John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Barack Obama are all pictured in the latest Dabiq magazine.

The magazine claims, “It’ll be only a matter of time before the Islamic State reaches the Western world.”

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