In Memorial Day Speech Obama Brags About ‘Ending’ War in Afghanistan …(No One Applauds)

On Memorial Day at Arlington Cemetery Barack Obama took credit for ending the War in Afghanistan.
He learned nothing from his actions in Iraq.

For many of us, this Memorial Day is especially meaningful. It is the first since our War in Afghanistan came to an end. Today is the first Memorial Day in 14 years that the United States is not engaged in a major ground war…

This may be the first year since the end of our War in Afghanistan. But we must be acutely aware that our men stand watch and still serve and still sacrifice around the world… Several years ago we had more than 100,000 troops in Afghanistan. Today fewer than 10,000 troops remain on a mission to train Afghan forces.

Of course, no one applauded this nonsense.

taliban militants

A Taliban truck bomb hit government offices in southern Afghanistan today.
And fifteen ISIS members were killed in fighting in Afghanistan today.

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