Hillary Clinton Switches Position – Promises More Amnesty For Illegals If Elected

Guest post by DMartyr

Hillary Clinton came out yesterday in support of full amnesty of illegal aliens.

This was a complete 180 degree turn from her 2014 position. In 2014 Hillary said illegal alien children should be sent back as soon as possible.

“They should be sent back as soon as can be determined who the responsible adults in their family are because there are concerns about whether all of them can be sent back, but I think all of them that can be should be reunited with their families…we have to send a clear message that ‘Just because your child gets across the border, that doesn’t mean your child gets to stay.

But that was last year.
Today she want’s amnesty.
The Washington Times reported:

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton will call for a full path to citizenship for illegal immigrants at an event Tuesday in Nevada, as she goes all-in on the issue in pursuit of Hispanic votes.

Mrs. Clinton is expected to say in her remarks that a “true solution” to the country’s immigration problems would include “nothing less than a full and equal path to citizenship,” according to a campaign advisory provided to Reuters.

She will stress during a stop at a Las Vegas high school that any proposal that stops short of opening a route to citizenship is “merely a ‘second-class’ status,” said the advisory.

If Hillary wins, just consider it Obama’s third term.


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