Firefighters Union RIPS Obama: You Say One Baltimore Protest Fire Was Looped on TV… Which One?

How does he do it?
How does Barack Obama manage to insult and pi$$ off one group after another of working Americans?

President Obama took time Tuesday during his press conference with the Japanese Prime Minister to discuss the situation in Baltimore after the rioting and looting on Monday.

Obama accused the media of looping one burning building for sensationalism.

Point number four, the violence that happened yesterday distracted from the fact that you had seen multiple days of peaceful protests that were focused on entirely legitimate concerns of these communities in Baltimore. Led by clergy and community leaders, and they were constructive and they were thoughtful, and frankly, didn’t get that much attention.

And one burning building will be looped on television over and over and over again, and the thousands of demonstrators who did it the right way, I think, have been lost in the discussion.

It’s not clear which burning building he was talking about… There were 159 fires set on Monday night by “peaceful” protesters in Baltimore.

The International Association of Fire Fighters asked President Obama on Friday, “Which one?”

Maybe he was talking about the multi-million dollar publicly funded senior center that was torched by protesters?

Or maybe it was the burned out CVS?

Or maybe it was one of the 144 car fires?

It’s too bad there wasn’t a real journalist in the room who could have asked him which fire he was talking about!

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