Far Left Crank Russel Brand Blames British Society for Muslims Flocking to ISIS (VIDEO)

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Russell Brand asks in a recent video: Could I Have Been Jihadi John?

The far left comedian blamed British society for Muslims flocking to ISIS.
And he’s serious.

The Daily Mail reported:

Self-styled revolutionary Russell Brand believes Britain’s ‘corrupt’ society is to blame for turning Jihadi John into a terrorist executioner.

In an extraordinary ten-minute rant on YouTube, the outspoken millionaire comedian young Muslims in the UK are so disenfranchised they ‘turn to mad jihadism’.

The millionaire comedian-turned-anarchist spoke out in a video blog he called: ‘Could I have been Jihadi John?’

He said: ‘The kernel of truth in the sprawling, bewildering, bramble of ISIS madness is society isn’t working, the system isn’t working, it’s totally corrupt.

‘That’s the thing that resonates in the core of young people, that’s the thing that pulls them into mad jihadism.’

And he went on to muse: ‘The developing news narrative in most of its permutations doesn’t address the core problems.

‘If Muslims have been here in significant numbers since the fifties, why is this only happening now?’

And he heaped blame on society at large for failing to incorporate and understand the ISIS atrocities.

Brand explained that while society can ‘incorporate’ problems like drugs, drink and homelessness, it has so far failed to understand jihadism in the same way.

‘The beheadings can’t be incorporated into the main narrative of apathy, alienation, isolation,’ he said.

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