FAIL: Protest at Home of Police Officer in Olympia, WA Shooting of ‘Unarmed’ Black Criminals Fizzles

Olympia Washington shoplifting
Security camera footage from a Safeway store in Olympia, WA shows a suspected shoplifter throwing a case of beer bottles at a store clerk, May 21, 2015.

Protesters showed up at the home of an Olympia, Washington police officer on Friday night to try to intimidate the officer for shooting two unarmed Black criminals the day before who allegedly attacked him with skateboards while resisting arrest.

The protesters were met by a strong police presence guarding the house, according to Jon Humbert with KOMO-TV.


Humbert said a small group of protesters gathered at a nearby Walmart were greatly outnumbered by high school kids just hanging out. The protesters did not stick around for very long. Humbert said two pro-police demonstrators arrived as the protesters left.

One of the protesters confirmed there was a small turnout.

Brandi Kruse with Q13Fox reported there was a backlash among protesters at the ”stupid” idea of targeting the officer’s home, with some protesters showing up to make sure anarchists didn’t ‘cause trouble.’

Kruse posted a photo of the pro-police demonstrators, one of them holding a sign that said, “We support the police.”

Officer Ryan Donald, who is white, reportedly shot two unarmed Black criminals, Andre Thompson and Bryson Chaplin early on Thursday morning after they allegedly attacked the officer with skateboards while resisting arrest for attempting to shoplift beer from a Safeway store.

The criminals, who are stepbrothers, survived the shooting and are expected to recover.

One of the people promoting the protest defended the action by saying the reason for targeting the officer at his home was to drive down property values in the neighborhood and force the officer to move.

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