Drunk Canadian Leftist Praises Gitmo Terrorist & US Soldier Killer at Annual Press Dinner (VIDEO)

Drunk Canadian leftist lets Canada know how she really feels about conservatives…

Drunk Canadian Green Party leader Elizabeth May praised US soldier killer Omar Khadr during her rambling speech at the annual press gallery dinner.
may omar khadr

From the video–


Delivering funny speeches in front of a room full of politicians and journalists at the annual press gallery dinner is a tough thing for any party leader, but it was especially tough for Green Party Leader Elizabeth May on Saturday night.

After a longwinded and meandering speech, which included a few funny jabs, May ended with a shout-out to Omar Khadr, who was freed on bail in Edmonton last week.

“Omar Khadr, you’ve got more class than the whole f—–g cabinet,” May said, referring to the Conservative party, as Conservative MP and Transport Minister Lisa Raitt tried to usher her off the stage.

Omar Khadr faced five war crimes charges that included murder.
In July 2002, Omar Khadr threw a grenade that blew up an American soldier in Afghanistan.

Khadr was wounded and captured during this same firefight.
After his capture a video was found that shows Khadr toying with detonating cord as other men including Abu Laith al-Libi assemble explosives in the same house that had been destroyed in the firefight. He was also seen planting landmines while smiling and joking with the cameraman. It has been suggested that these were the same landmines later recovered by American forces on a road between Gardez and Khowst- Wiki.

Khadr was injured in the firefight and begged to be killed…
But US medics saved his life.

Instead, of facing death, Khadr was set free.

Omar Khadr was released on bail last week.
This past weekend leftist leader Elizabeth May praised the killer.

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