Disgusting. Obama Ambassador Spews “Mattress Girl” Lie During Commencement Speech

Samantha Power, Obama ambassador to the United Nations, delivered the commencement speech today at Barnard College.

During her speech to the liberal grads Power praised the courage of a Columbia college student who carried a mattress around campus after she claimed she was raped.

The only problem with her statement was that it never happened.
Columbia student Emma Sulkowicz lied about the rape.
She made it up.
liar rape mattress columbia
Emma Sulkowicz carried a mattress around campus after she said she was raped.
It was a lie.


But since when did facts ever matter to this White House administration?
Power did not get away with her ignorant statement.
She was blasted on Twitter – Here are a few of the comments…
power lie mattress girl

What an ignorant statement.

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