Democrat Party Official: We Need To Include The Socialist Party “Because They Are On Our Side”

SDemSelf avowed Socialist Seattle Councilwoman Kshama Sawant (front) and 3rd Vice Chair of the 37th Democrat District Jeanne Legault (right rear). (Image KUOW)

Even though it’s obvious to anyone who cares to notice the Democratic Party, and Socialists, have been following the same Progressive track for years. But to hear a Democrat Party official actually admit it is still somewhat unnerving.

Socialist Ksama Sawant, the first openly Socialist person elected to the Seattle City Council, is once again running for office. But it seems that support from several local well known Democrats are causing a rift in the Party of the “Donkey”. KUWO reports that the divide among local Democrats has heated up to  the point that even a local Democrat Party Vice Chair, Jeanne Legault, is coming to Sawants defense.  Legault says that the Democrat Party needs a bigger “tent” in order to include people like Sawants because the Socialist Party is on the same side as the Democrat Party:

“I felt outraged,” said Jeanne Legault, a Democratic Party activist who supports Sawant. She helped draft a petition to have Sawant included in the forum. It was signed by 76 members.

Legault said it shouldn’t matter what party Sawant aligns herself with, as long as she agrees with Democrats on key issues.

I think we need to open our tent a little bit, and include other minor party organizations, like the Green Party or the Socialist Party or whatever, because we are all on the same side and we are stronger working together,” Legault said.

According to the  website Legault holds the title of 3rd Vice Chair in the Democrat District in Seattle, Washington.


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