Crazy MSNBC Host Upset With Hollywood’s Upcoming “Aloha” Movie… It’s Offensive

aloha movie

MSNBC leftist Janet Mock is upset with the latest Bradley Cooper film, “Aloha.”
She says it’s offensive to native Hawaiians.

Janet Mock thinks it’s racist.
FOX News reported:

“Aloha,” one of the most well-known Hawaiian words, can mean “hello” and “goodbye,” be used an expression of love and respect, and much like Southern charm in America’s South, “The Aloha Spirit” is a way of life for local residents.

But there’s no love from some people in Hawaii for the new Cameron Crowe film – “Aloha” – starring Bradley Cooper, Rachel McAdams and Emma Stone, who have strong opinions on the use of “Aloha” as the title, claiming its disrespectful to the host culture and undercuts the deeper meanings of the word.

Native Hawaiian Janet Mock, for example, called the title inappropriate, and even dangerous, on her MSNBC Shift show “So Popular!”

But not everyone agrees.

“This is just so stupid. It’s a movie, for heaven’s sake,” said Michael W. Perry of KSSK’s Perry & Price Show, Hawaii’s most popular radio morning talk show host. “Any time the vocal minority gets upset, and the media puts all five of them on the front page, you would think the entire state is up in arms and were not.”

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