Communist Cuba Temporarily Lifts Ban On Bible; Missouri Group Distributes Over 250k

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While the Progressive movement, and the Obama administration in particular, seems hell bent on destroying Christianity, ironically our Communist neighbors to the south seem to want their populace to “try it out”. At least for the moment.

The Joplin Globe reports that Communist Cuba has begun a temporary trial by lifting it’s 40 year ban on the Bible. In response an organization in southern Missouri has taken advantage of the reprieve to ship in over 250,000 of the Holy Book with a goal of distributing over a million of them:


“Take Cuba, for instance. This Communist nation has barred Bible distribution openly since 1969, until recently.

The country is conducting an experimental program that can be halted at any time if the distribution creates too many problems or too much negative feedback, said David Isais, who works with the Bible Commission of Cuba and is the contact person for the Revival Fires Ministry in Branson West and formerly in Joplin. Revival Fires has completed four deliveries of more than 265,000 Bibles to Cuba and continues to seek donations to meet the request for 1 million.

Cecil Todd, founder and president of Revival Fires, is no stranger to providing Bibles to the far reaches of the world. Todd, an Ozark Christian College graduate, oversaw the distribution of over 2 million Bibles to the former Soviet Union and more than 250,000 to American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

…Todd said the Cuban willingness to allow such Bible circulation boggles his mind. He said that prior to the change in policy, his youngest son, Cecil Wayne, was almost arrested on all 10 of his mission trips to Cuba, during which Bibles had to be smuggled to the longtime Communist nation.

Todd said he has learned that more than 1,200 Cuban churches are urgently seeking Bibles. Some churches have only one or two Bibles for their entire congregations, and many Cuban preachers have had to borrow a Bible to study and preach.”

Communists traditionally believe that religion and Marxism are incompatible.

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