Breaking: Police Officer Shot & Killed in New Mexico – Suspect Captured (Updated)

A police officer was shot and killed in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.
The suspect is still at large.

A police officer in Rio Rancho, New Mexico was shot while on duty Sunday night. An ‘earwitness’ heard four shots. When he came upon the scene he saw CPR being performed on the officer, who he said was motionless on the ground. The suspect is on the loose—no description has been issued.

Crime scene photo by Ryan Luby, KOV-TV via Twitter


From the Albuquerque Journal:

“Elijah Ortiz y Pino, 15, said he was coming around the corner of Pinetree and Southern on his bicycle when he heard a siren and then four gunshots.

“Pino said he saw an officer lying on his back in the roadway near the curb, where a man in a white shirt was administering CPR. A woman was sitting on the curb nearby.

““Nobody was running,” he said. “I just saw some dude giving CPR … “I didn’t see him moving at all. He wasn’t budging.”

Pino also spoke with KOB-TV:

“A high school student who witnessed part of the incident said he heard four gunshots and could smell the gunfire from where he was riding his bike.

“”There was four shots, just went pop, pop, pop, pop—four real quick shots. And I was looking that direction, you know right away… it’s like, where’s it coming from, and then I looked a little bit closer to me, and then that’s when I saw the actual person giving him CPR and some dude laying on the ground,” Elijah Ortiz Y Pino said.”

Police officials have not said anything about the officer’s condition. KOB-TV reported he was taken to the UNM Level One trauma center hospital in Albuquerque. The shooting took place in front of the Esther Bone Library in Rio Rancho after 8 p.m. MDT.

A poster on Twitter who said their father is a police officer posted that the officer had died.

UPDATE: One suspect was captured by police. A second suspect is still at large.

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