#BlackLivesMatter Activist: “This Is Black Memorial Day; Disarm The Police” (VIDEO)


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Monday about 30 members of the Long Beach, California #BlackLivesMatter #LBC Progressive movement shut down a street in L.A. to protest police violence. While the majority of Americans were celebrating Memorial Day, a member of the #BlackLivesMatter movement took to the microphone to say that it was actually “Black Memorial Day” and that it was time to “disarm the police” in order to “re-imagine public safety”:

So today is Memorial Day, we’re claiming this as Black Memorial Day. We’re also recognizing this as African Liberation Day. We have the power to take our own liberation. We have the power to take our own freedom.

“…Some police with guns and they don’t know how to use them, right? So we say right now disarm the police and re-imagine public safety.”

Video below (comment at 00:18-00:47):


#BlackLivesMatter #LBC claims to be apart of, and share the common goals of, the national Black Lives Matter movement.

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