AZ Mohammad Cartoon Contest Organizer Is Selling Home, Going Into Hiding After ISIS Threats

On Thursday, Rita Katz, the Director of SITE intelligence Group, warned that Junaid Hussain (Abu Hussain Al Brittani), who was linked to the Garland, Texas shooting, was tweeting about the Arizona Muhammad cartoon contest.

Abu Hussain Al Brittani was directly linked to the Garland, Texas terrorist attacks.

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Junaid Hussain is an Islamic State member from Birmingham, UK. Born in 1994, Junaid Hussain was formerly known as triCk on the hacking group ‘Team Poison’, was convicted of hacking Tony Blair’s voicemails, skipped bail, and joined the Islamic State in 2014.


On Friday Umm Hussain Britaniya tweeted this out about the organizers of the Arizona Draw Muhammad Contest:
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There’s more…
ISIS fighter Abu Hussain Al Brittani threatened to blow up rally with an IED.
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Jon Ritzheimer, the former Marine who organized the Arizona Mohammad cartoon contest and rally, says he is selling his home and going into hiding.
The New York Daily News reported:

The ex-Marine who organized an anti-Muslim rally outside the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix Friday evening said he’s going into hiding after receiving several death threats.

“This is proof tyranny is in America,” said Jon Ritzheimer, revealing he’s come under siege since taking to Facebook to organize the event.

Up to 500 protesters gathered in 100-degree heat — some clutching assault rifles, American flags and placards — in the latest flashpoint in the U.S. anti-Islam movement.

Ritzheimer planned the protest, billed as “Freedom of Speech Rally,” in response to an ISIS-inspired attack outside a controversial Prophet Muhammad cartoon contest May 3 in Texas.

Two gunmen were shot dead by SWAT team members as they attempted to storm the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Texas, an event organized by anti-Islamic activist Pamela Geller.

But now Ritzheimer claims he’s been targeted by terrorists.

I’m having to sell my house. My family is going into hiding,” an armed Ritzheimer, flanked by burly men wearing “F— Islam!” T-shirts, told reporters at the rally. “They’re calling for lone wolves to behead me. That’s terrorism right here in America.”

The latest rally also included a Prophet Muhammad cartoon drawing contest, which drew plenty of people protesting the protest by holding signs with messages like “Love not hate” and “Stop the hate.”

Arizona is an open carry state. Several people, many wearing fatigues, showed up to the rally with assault rifles.

The event began at 6:15 p.m. and anti-rally demonstrators quickly poured in.

Usama Shami, the president of the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix, hugged a Christian pastor from a nearby church who came in support.

The two sides faced off before protesters were separated with yellow tape and police in riot gear.

The protest, despite instances of hate speech and stepping on the Koran, was peaceful. Phoenix police made no arrests.

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Ritzheimer says he has more “peaceful” ideas that he wants to take place across America.
Via his Facebook page:

You will not find me in a hole like we found Saddam Hussein. I’m going to keep living free but keep my protection close and near. I’m a Marine and we don’t run and hide. We hunker down in our fighting hole and we stick it out! I have a heightened sense of things out here when I’m alone. And I have more PEACEFUL ideas that I want to see take place across America.

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