AWFUL. FOX News Host SLAMS Pam Geller – Urges Her to Respect Islam (VIDEO)

On Sunday two ISIS-linked Islamists attempted to storm the “Draw Mohammad Contest” in Garland, Texas.
dallas terror attack
The two terrorists were shot dead outside the auditorium.

One of the terrorists behind the Twitter account “Shariah is Light” posted this at at 6:35 CENTRAL TIME and took credit for the attack:
shariah is light
He posted this before the attack.

But rather than condemn the savages the mainstream media has decided to attack the organizers of the Draw Mohammad Contest.
ISIS has taken credit for the attack.

Tuesday morning on FOX News host Martha MacCallum pleaded with Pamela Geller to respect Islam and constrain herself in the future.

MacCallum: They’re (her critics) saying if you want to make a difference you do it in a Christian way. You don’t do it in a crass crude way by insulting someone’s religion. You do that by rising above that. Saying, “We are not like you. We will not attack your religion.”

Geller: Well, I will not abridge my freedoms so as not to offend savages.

What a sad display.
Via America’s Newsroom:

MacCallum echoes Islamist Anjem Choudary and his comments on the terrorist attack.

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