‘Award Winning Journalist’ Busted Using False Propaganda Against Israel

Guest post by DMartyr

Palestinian journalist Mohammed Omer tweeted out this picture on Sunday:

Turns out, the picture was not at all what he claimed it to be. The child was not a victim of Israeli airstrikes, but rather a diseased Gaza patient whom Israel was trying to save.


I am certain such misleading propaganda by so-called journalists happens quite often, but it is always nice when they are exposed.
Israel National News reported:

A Palestinian Arab blogger and “award-winning journalist” has been caught cynically using a picture of a severely disabled Palestinian child for propaganda purposes, falsely claiming his limbs were blown off by the Israeli military during last summer’s conflict with Gaza.

Mohammed Omer – who started the Rafah Today blog and has written for numerous major news outlets including Al Jazeera, the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, the New Statesman, Aftonbladet and others – received the Martha Gellhorn Prize for Journalism in 2008.

The Prize is granted to journalists who “tell an unpalatable truth, validated by powerful facts.” […]

But the picture in question is of Mohammed al-Farra, a toddler from Gaza with a rare genetic disease who has been living at Israel’s Tel Hashomer hospital with his grandfather after being abandoned by his parents.

Even more surprising than a pro-Palestinian journalist lying about Israel is the fact the the Martha Gellhorn Prize for Journalism still exists. But if it extends to bloggers, who could be more deserving than Pam Geller?

Israeli blogger and activist David Ha’ivri deserves credit for exposing this fraud.

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