15 Students Suspended For Bullying Two Students With Chick-Fil-A T-shirts

Guest post by DMartyr

1585207-700x700(Image from Truth Revolt)

More than 15 students and their parents were shocked to learn harassing two students for wearing a t-shirt they didn’t like is unacceptable.
Truth Revolt reported:


Two students at a Pennsylvania high school wore Chick-fil-A T-shirts as protest to a LGBT event held at the school, causing offended classmates to chastise them on Twitter. Subsequently, the school issued suspensions, not for the wearers of the shirts surprisingly, but to the fifteen students who used social media, complete with vulgarities, during school hours.

The week-long event was organized with the help of senior Erin Snyder, 18, member of the school’s Gay-Straight Alliance group. According to The Morning Call, students were asked to wear different color shirts each day of the week for the various causes they were supporting, including suicide and disabilities. For the last day of the week, students were encouraged to wear rainbow colored T-shirts in support of LGBT issues.

It was during that morning’s televised announcements that the two boys donning Chick-fil-A attire were spotted. Snyder told The Morning Call that though they said nothing against the club or the LGBT community, she “knew what they were doing.”

The bullying students – and their parents – believed themselves blameless of any wrongdoing.  They also believed the instigators were the ones in the Chick-fil-A -shirts and they deserved the harassment for not supporting the LGBT cause:

Another student suspended for violating school policy and for using speech the school deemed “threatening” tweeted, “Shout-out to the [expletive] in the Chik-fil-A shirts.”

His mother spoke out against the school, telling TMC, “You want to encourage everyone to be their own person, and for someone to decide it’s OK for those two students to go on a morning show and wear a shirt like that with no repercussions, what is the school saying?”

Maybe the school is saying those two students have as much right to “be their own person” as your foul-mouth son trying to dole out “repercussions.”

This incident illustrates the dangers of blaming victims for “provocation” instead of the attackers.  These 15 students felt compelled to verbally attack the two who did nothing to them, all for stepping out of the politically correct line.  In their mind, tolerance is only a one-way street

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