White Powder Sent to Jewish Center & Synagogue in Boulder (VIDEO)

boulder synagogue

Letters filled with white powder were sent to two Jewish organizations in Boulder on Monday. One letter was sent to the Jewish Community Center and another was sent to a Boulder Synagogue.

The Denver Channel reported:

Police said letters filled with white powder that were sent to two Jewish organizations in Boulder were tested and found not to be dangerous.

At least one of the letters contained corn starch.

Just after 8 a.m. Monday, employees at a Jewish Community Center at 3800 Kalmia Drive opened the letter which had been sent in the mail. In addition to corn starch, there was a note that read, “Your (sic) has enemies.”

The JCC was evacuated, including the pre-school at the center, and the employees who opened the envelope were put in quarantine.

Minutes after the powder was determined not to be dangerous, there was a report of a second letter at a Boulder Jewish synagogue, Congregation Har HaShem at 3950 W. Baseline Rd.

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