White House Dodges on Whether Hillary Clinton Violated Secretary of State Contract (VIDEO)

The Obama White House Dodges On Whether Clinton Violated The Memorandum of Understanding For The Second Straight Day
josh earnest

Jon Karl: We now know that there were some $2 million that came from Uranium One to the Clinton Foundation that were not disclosed at the time. Can you acknowledge that at least that did not live up to the standards that were expected based on the Memorandum of Understanding between Hillary Clinton and the president?

Josh Earnest: As far as the Memorandum of Understanding I refer you to the State Department or Secretary Clinton’s team who I’m sure would be happy to talk to you about this.

Jon Karl: But… the fact that you had $2 million, such a large amount coming in that was not disclosed. That does not concern the White House?

Josh Earnest: I think what is clear and what was reported by The New York Times today is that there is no proof that the donations had any impact on this particular policy decision.

The Clintons helped Putin take ownership of one-fifth of US uranium production and the White House is not the least bit concerned?

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