WHAT? Chairman California Air Resource Board: “EPA’s Authority Meant To Spread Success Across The Country”

Mary N Crzy(Above) Mary Nichols Chairman California Air Resources Board (Image Examiner)

A new study suggests that the EPA’s new Carbon Dioxide Regulation could cost the American people at least 300,000 jobs.

But on Wednesday, while defending the EPA’s new regulation in front of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, Mary Nichols the Chairman of California Air Resource Board stated that the EPA was just using its authority the way it was intended. To spread success across the country.

“I’m here today to share some of our successes with you, and to emphasize the EPA is using it’s Clean Air Act authority in the way that it was meant to. To spread success across the country, and to encourage each state to develop it’s own plan to cut carbon pollution and to grow its economy.”

Video below (comment begins at 1:43):

According to the EPA’s own website the authority of “spreading success” is neither listed in its mission statement nor under the Clean Air Act.

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