Virtual Red Menace: Chinese Mobilize 10 Million Students To Spread Communism Online

Cchina mouse 3(Image NBC News)

In the past, parents only had to worry about warning their kids against talking to, or going anywhere with strangers when they leave the house. But sadly, thanks to the Internet, the job of raising children has become much more hazardous. From sexual predators hiding on social networking sites, to bullies stalking their victims in online games, the dangers to modern day children no longer stop at the front door.

Unfortunately that danger is about to grow by the millions and will now include a new threat to the minds of children: The Virtual Red Menace of Communism.

The Independent reports that the Communist Chinese Government is looking to recruit 10 million students to help spread Communism by promoting the “Socialist core values” online:

China wants to recruit 10 million young people, mostly university students belonging to the Communist Party’s youth wing, to “spread positive energy” on the Internet — in other words, to use social media to praise and defend the government.

“Web users recently posted a document issued by the China Communist Youth League dated Feb. 13 that asks for no less than 20 percent of its members to be recruited as “cyber civilization volunteers”, who would be expected to become “good Chinese Netizens” and promote the “voice of good youth.”

“…This latest scheme would significantly expand their numbers with a volunteer force. The students would be expected to post content online “to promote socialist core values,” with each person asked to participate in a so-called “sunshine comments” campaign at least three times this year.

“…As part of the campaign, young people are asked to declare their “devotion” to join the positive force. Volunteers are also asked to boycott, refute and report on any negative contents online, including comments that are “against socialist core values” or “unhelpful for ethnic unity.”

In a totally unrelated coincidence, in 2008 the Obama Administration bragged it commanded an online army of 10 million supporters who would help push through his “sweeping (albeit Socialist) agenda”.

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