VIDEO OF THE WEEK=> Kid Interviewer Cuts Off Obama for Droning On Too Long

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Osman Yahya, a middle school student, interviewed Barack Obama today during a “virtual field trip.”

During the Q&A section the young interviewer cut Obama off after he started boring the kids to tears.

From the mouths of babes…
Via Grabien:

Breitbart reported:

During the event, hosted by Discovery Ed, Yahya brought up a viewer submitted question about how the president gets rid of writer’s block.

Obama began by explaining to the audience what writer’s block was, suggesting that the best way to beat it was to start writing things down. As Obama went on, Yahya’s attention waned as he shifted in his seat.

Obama’s answer went on as he talked about experiencing writer’s block when he wrote some of his speeches. He rambled for more than three minutes before Yahya politely intervened.

“Yeah,” he said, “I think you’ve sort of covered everything about that question,” he said as the audience laughed.

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