Victory Against Jihad: School Cancels Hijab Day – Won’t Force All Females To Cover Up


Mason High School in Ohio thought it would be a good idea to force all of their females to cover up for a day out of respect to Islam.

For obvious reasons this idea didn’t go over very well at Jihad Watch:

Note that the Muslim Student Association is involved — a group with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. When is A Cross-Wearer’s Challenge day at Mason High? When is A Yarmulke Wearer’s Challenge day at Mason High? Or is it only Islam that gets this treatment?

Also, I am looking forward to Mason High’s Uncovered Girl Challenge, in honor of Aqsa Parvez, whose Muslim father choked her to death with her hijab after she refused to wear it;

Thanks to Jihad Watch, Progressives cancelled the event:

Intense criticism has prompted an Ohio high school’s principal to cancel a student event in which girls would celebrate diversity by spending a day wearing a Muslim headscarf.

Mason High School Mindy McCarty-Stewart also issued an apology in an email Thursday to district families, saying the intent of the April 23 student-led event was meant to be positive, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported. [Read More…]

Progressives want to make you understand that forced modesty means peace, even when it’s imposed by threat of violence and death.

This comes on the heals of another school recently requiring their students to pretend to be Muslim. EAG News reports:

UNION GROVE, Wis. – Pretend you’re a Muslim. That’s what a 10th grade World History writing assignment asks students to do at a Wisconsin high school.

WISN talk radio host Vicki McKenna posted Union Grove High School teacher Beth Urban’s email for a five-paragraph essay on Twitter.

It reads:

–Pretend you are:

1. Muslim male/female in U.S.

2. Give 3 examples of what you do daily for your religion and any struggles you face.

Struggles like having to decide where to eat after throwing homosexuals off rooftops. Or what to wear when taking black slaves in Africa. Let the empathy begin!

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