Valdosta Flag Burner Eric Sheppard Considered Armed And Dangerous After ‘Bringing Gun To Campus, Threatening To Shoot People’

Eric Sheppard Jr
(Eric Sheppard Jr. Considered Armed and Dangerous)

A few days ago we brought you the story of the female navy veteran who was arrested for attempting to rescue an American flag from being desecrated by a group of Black Supremacist: Outrageous: Veteran Arrested For Rescuing Flag From Desecration (VIDEO)

Valdosta Flag

Now we learn that at least one of the protest leaders is wanted by police for packing heat and ‘making violent threats to shoot people’ on campus.


Conservative Treehouse reports: 

Group was armed – University Alert – Police Now Seeking Suspect Eric Sheppard Jr. – Video Added: “Armed and Dangerous”…


1) A group of armed black supremacists hold a flag burning on the campus of Valdosta State University, Georgia.

2) A hero Navy vet was arrested for trying to save the flag.

3) The university maintains that the black supremacists were legally expressing their first amendment rights.

Ask yourself if the reaction would be the same if it were a group of armed white kids burned an effigy of Barack Obama.

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