UK Thugs Assault Elderly Man Then Play Victims (VIDEO)

Eldery Man Knocked Over

Guest post by DMartyr

A UK man claims he is an innocent victim after a viral video of him and his friend knocking down an elderly man goes public.  In the video, Terry Carroll pretends to be drunk and runs into a pedestrian, causing the old man to fall.  Phillip Dears, who is recording the “prank,”can barely contain himself.  He is heard snickering and laughing before, during, and after the assault.


But Mr. Dears wants everyone to know that he is the real victim here.

Mr Dears said he had not posted the video publicly online and had only shared it amongst friends on the mobile messaging service WhatsApp.

The footage went viral over the weekend with hundreds of thousands of people viewing it.

In an interview with the Mirror, Mr Dears claimed the video didn’t “tell the full story”.

He said: “It’s been really upsetting for my wife Janine and she’s been crying.

“Someone even took a photograph of me picking up my child from school. Why would someone want to do that?

“Janine has had to take her [social media] account down because she tried to support me and got all kinds of disgusting messages.

“One said I was worse than a paedophile or a rapist.The abuse has just got out of control.

“How can you express that much hate for someone when all I’ve been guilty of is laughing on a video for ten seconds? I just can’t understand it.”

That fact Mr. Dears can not understand why people are outraged by his behavior might be a big part of the problem.

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