Hilarious! Twitter Mocks Hillary’s “Scooby” Van Trip Across Iowa

So Hillary Clinton is going to ride around Iowa this week in a van nicknamed “Scooby.”
Hillary… in a van???

Even USA Today is mocking the stunt…

USA Today reported:


Hillary Clinton is on the road to Iowa — literally.

The leading Democratic presidential contender set off Sunday for events in the first-in-the-nation caucus state in a van nicknamed “Scooby” that reminds Clinton of The Mystery Machine featured on Scooby Doo, the TV cartoon hit of the 1970s.

“When Hillary first told us that she was ready to hit the road for Iowa, we literally looked at her and said, ‘Seriously?’ And she said, ‘Seriously,’ ” aide Huma Abedin said in a conference call with Clinton alumni. “This was her idea, and she’s been really excited about it since she came up with it.’ ”

So far, no one has spotted Scooby.
But Twitter is on fire mocking her Scooby stunt.

The Hogwarts van…

Free Stuff…


There’s even video…

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