#LimbsUp #DontRoot – Tree Planted For Michael Brown Cut Down

Guest post by DMartyr


A Ferguson public park is now honoring teenage thugs who rob elderly immigrant shop owners and assault Police Officers?

A tree dedicated to the memory of Michael Brown has been destroyed by vandals just hours after being planted.

The sapling was planted in January-Wabash Park in Ferguson, Missouri on Saturday as a dedication to the teenager, who was gunned down in the street by a police officer last August. […]

But by Sunday morning, the branches had been stripped, leaving behind just a shard of the trunk.

Angry supporters for the memorial issued a veiled threat:


‘I can’t understand why someone would want to cut down the tree,’ one man in the park told KMOV. ‘What, they want to start something back up again?

In August of last year, Brown robbed a convenience store before being shot by a police officer. The police officer was later vindicated after investigation found Brown had attacked the officer and attempted to take his weapon.

mike brown store

Interestingly, the community wasn’t too upset when memorials to free enterprise were destroyed by the “Don’t Snitch” lynch mob.

snitches stitches qt

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