Socialist Poster Child Dodges Payroll Taxes, Stiffs Staffers

kshamastrikepoverty-e1384835232138Kshama Sawant ran on the “Socialist Alternative” party ticket, and won her Seattle city council seat in 2013 by campaigning on wage fairness.

However, like all good Marxists who eventually take power, Sawant has spun a hypocritical 180 when it comes to her own finances.

From Shift WA:


“It turns out Sawant is spending a sizable portion of her campaign funds on five different campaign consultants, as she tries to win her re-election campaign for city council. She’s spent just over $12,000 for the consultants so far and that’s in stark contrast to her colleagues. Jean Godden has spent about $6,000. Council member Tim Burgess spent just over $2,000 on consultants; Mike O’Brien has spent nothing.

“And it’s the $12,000 Sawant is spending that has some folks wondering if she’s a hypocrite — because she’s not paying these consultants as employees, she’s paying them as contractors.

“So what’s that mean? Why is that a big deal? According to Josh Feit at PubliCola, there’s no sign of payroll taxes (such as unemployment insurance or social security payments).’ And he writes, ‘Sawant has been skirting the rules by not paying into the public workers’ safety net.’”

The far-left—including Sawant and her supporters—has long decried this method of payment as a means for “evil big businesses” to “circumvent minimum wage, overtime and anti-discrimination laws.” So why, asks KIRO Radio’s Jason Rantz, “is it OK that Sawant is doing it? How isn’t this hypocritical?”

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