Segregation Is Alive And Well In Indiana Public Schools


An Indiana school district is taking it’s 3rd grade students on field trips to see college campuses.

Well, not all it’s students. The black students have been segregated.

Campus Reform reports:


An Indiana public school district segregated elementary field trips last week when administrators included only African-Americans on the college introduction tour.

Something tells us the progressive outrage machine will not swing into action over this segregation like they did over Memories Pizza.

In 2012, 34.5 percent of students in the South Bend Community Schools Corporation were African-American. White students made up 37.1 percent of the school population that same year.

The students—and their parents if they wish to attend—will meet with African-American college students who, according to Moss, will “[model] the idea that as a black person, college is a great place.”

It’s almost as though progressives think 9 year old black kids are inferior to their white counterparts. Pathetic.

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