Russia Crosses Another Obama Red Line!

iran nuke dance

Monday, Russia announced it was releasing the transfer of advanced missile technology to the hardline Muslim gov’t of Iran.

Unfortunately for no one, that crosses one of Obama’s impotent “red lines”.

Russia’s announcement on Monday that it will proceed with the sale of advanced missile systems to Iran crosses a so-called “red line” established by the Obama administration in 2010, according to comments by senior administration officials.

One senior Obama administration official speaking in 2010 described the S-300 sale as a “red line” for the United States that “couldn’t be crossed,” according to Foreign Policy. (read more…)

Thanks to Obama’s failure to act in Syria, Putin must be fully aware that Obama’s red lines are drawn in crayon, mean nothing, and have an expiration date.

And, just like Yemen, Obama trumpeted the halt in the transfer of the missile tech as an example of his successful foreign policy.

The White House claimed that Moscow’s decision to ban arms sales to Tehran would usher in a new era of cooperation between the United States and Russia.

Just like Yemen, Obama was wrong.

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