Report: ISIS Played Soccer With Severed Heads at Yarmouk Palestinian Camp

ISIS terrorists reportedly played soccer with the severed heads of Palestinians at the Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria.
ISIS took control of the refugee camp last week.
behead isis
Beheading has become the norm in the Caliphate.

It’s not the first time Islamists have played soccer with severed heads.
The Taliban also played football with heads of their victims.
(Warning: Very Graphic video)

ABNA24 reported, via Bare Naked Islam:


The ISIS terrorists were seen playing football with a severed head as the militants have reported seized the Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus.

According to the Palestinian eyewitnesses who fled the horrors of the terrorist group, they saw heads cut off and children killed in front of their parents.

Ibrahim Abdel Fatah, a 55-year-old refugee, told “We had heard of their cruelty from the television, but when we saw it ourselves… I can tell you, their reputation is well-deserved.”

Another teenager Palestinian refugee, Amjad Yaaqub, said he saw ISIS members “playing with a severed head as if it was a football”.

Yaaqub added “Daesh came to my home looking for my brother who’s in the Palestinian Popular Committees. They beat me until I passed out and left me for dead.”

It is estimated that 400 families including around 2,000 people fled the camp to Yalda, a neighbouring area which is under control of government forces, and 150 others escaped to Syrian army controlled areas.

Wesam Sabaaneh, a member of the Yarmouk-based Jafra Foundation, said around 18,000 Palestinian refugees are trapped in their houses by the clashes and heavy shelling and have no access to basic needs or medical supplies.

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In October ISIS reportedly posted heads of three “prostitutes” and two “pigs” from the Kurdish YPG forces (three female and two male) on display in Jarabulus, Syria just south of the border with Turkey.

Gruesome beheading photo from Camp Yarmouk was posted online here.

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