Radical Ferguson Activists Flown to South Carolina to Stir up Racial Hate

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This is Ferguson – coming soon to a community near you.

Ferguson exports radical activists to South Carolina to stir up the hate.

Deray McKesson, one of the lead agitators in Ferguson who is from Minnesota, is now training activists on street tactics in South Carolina


Because, black lives matter… Unless, of course, they are one of the hundreds of black or white youths killed by other blacks every year in America.

And despite the numerous reports, the court verdict and facts on the ground the crazed Ferguson activists still find Darren Wilson guilty for the murder of Michael Brown.

Another tweet from DeRay…
Assata. South Carolina. #WalterScott vine.co/v/eu1T1z6v1l2

This is not the first time Ferguson activists were exported to stir up conflict in other cities. Ferguson activists were flown to New York City, Wisconsin, and even the West Bank to spread racial hatred.

sean aldridge
20 year-old Ferguson activist Rasheen Aldridge met with Barack Obama in the White House to discuss Ferguson. He was later arrested for assaulting a security guard at City Hall during a protest.

No Ferguson business owners or Ferguson police officers were invited to the publicized event.

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