Progress! Fight For $15 Ushers In New Era Of Automated Efficiency

Beer Machine

Chicagoans got a glimpse of their “service employee free” future during the latest Bulls game at United Center:

Each DraftServ machine has four taps serving Budweiser, Bud Light, Goose Island 312 and Stella Artois. Customers pay by the ounce. I did the math, and a 20 oz. Bud Light poured by DraftServ costs $8.50 including tax, the same as the Bud Light drafts poured at any of the United Center bars (sans tip). [Read More…]

That last part is the important part. No tip. You don’t tip a machine, except over, if you’re fans of the winning or losing team in a championship playoff.

Thanks to unionizing shakedown efforts like #FightFor15, the future looks bright! You can thank your local protester for shorter lines at just about EVERY counter in the fast food service industry.

It’s coming to all fast food


It’s already at the grocery store


Even Apple sales employees day’s are numbered. You don’t even need a sales person to check you out at the apple store. You can just use your own smart phone.


Maybe they’re right. #FightFor15 does equal progress! 

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