Popeyes Manager Fired For Refusing To Pay Back Cash Taken In Robbery (Video)

Guest post by DMartyr


A Popeyes fast food restaurant fired a shift manager for refusing to pay back money stolen during a violent robbery. From KHOU:

The heist happened on March 31st at the Popeyes restaurant in the 500 block of Sheldon Road in Channelview. It was captured on surveillance video.In the video, you see a man with a beanie over his face run in waving a gun. He forced all the employees to the floor.

Then, he turned his attention to Marissa.

“By the back of my shirt, he pulled me up and he pushed me to the front,” she recalled. “He told me to give him everything out of my safe.”

But the only thing Marissa could open were the registers. The gunman got away with nearly $400.

Marissa claimed that after the robbery, one of her managers gave her a choice to either pay the money back or get fired.[…]

Less than 36 hours after the robbery, Marissa was fired.

I expect, with plenty of publicity, this restaurant will lose much more than $400 in lost business.

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