Netanyahu: Obama’s Iranian Nuclear Deal Is “Great Historic Blunder”

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called Obama’s nuclear deal with the Iranian regime a “great historic blunder.”
From the Prime Minister’s website:

“I am very concerned that the Lausanne framework would repeat and is repeating these mistakes. I think that freeze and inspect is not an adequate substitute for dismantle and remove. And in fact, there’s not even a real freeze, because under the Lausanne framework, Iran is left with the ability to develop with R&D advanced centrifuges that actually advance its nuclear program. And needless to say, I don’t think there’s any effective inspection. So I think the repetition of these mistakes is a great historic blunder. And I think we can learn all the good things that have happened on the Korean peninsula, but also the bad things that have happened in the nuclear negotiations.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu also posted several tweets comparing the deal to Bill Clinton’s failed North Korean nuclear agreement.
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In 2013 North Korea threatened nuclear war on South Korea.

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