MSNBC Hosts Touré, Joy-Ann Reid, Melissa Harris-Perry All Slapped With Tax Warrants!


Jaw dropping.

According to the State of New York, a tax warrant is defined as follows:

A tax warrant is a legal action against you and creates a lien against your real and personal property.

What to do next

Hot Air reveals MSNBC hosts Touré, Joy-Ann Reid, Melissa Harris-Perry, and of course Al Sharpton, all owe hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax warrants issued against them.


Touré owes a TON of cash:

Apparently, no one at MSNBC pays taxes

“In September 2013, New York issued a state tax warrant to [Touré] Neblett and his wife, Rita Nakouzi, for $46,862.68. Six months later, the state issued an additional warrant to the couple for $12,849.87,” National Review’s Jillian Kay Melchior reported on Wednesday.

harris perry apology
Melissa Harris-Perry better find her purse:

Earlier this year, the IRS slapped Perry and her husband with a $70,000 bill for delinquent taxes from 2013.

joy-ann reid
Joy-Ann Reid is small potatoes but still:

“Last month, New York filed a $4,948.15 tax warrant against Joy-Ann Reid, who serves as managing editor of and until earlier this year hosted MSNBC’s The Reid Report

obama sharpton
And then of course there’s Al Sharpton:

But this is all small time. Politics Nation host Rev. Al Sharpton has refined the art of tax dodging to a science. “So far, every for-profit enterprise started by Al Sharpton and known to National Review Online has been shut down in at least one jurisdiction for failure to pay taxes, a review of public records in New York and Delaware reveals,” National Reviewreported in February.

“Today, Mr. Sharpton still faces personal federal tax liens of more than $3 million, and state and federal tax liens.”

The worst part is these hypocrites have made their living off of demanding other people pay their taxes, and at higher levels or else!

If the right preaches family values, the left preaches taxation values.

Their wide stance on taxes is perhaps the greatest hypocrisy of all.



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