Millionaire Spike Lee Wants $3 Milllion In Taxpayer Assistance To Make His Next Film “Chiraq”


Spike lee is seeking $3 Million in corporate welfare tax payer assistance to make his next film entitled “Chiraq”. DNAinfo reports:

On Wednesday, the South Side alderman asked Lee’s representatives at a meeting with the Illinois Film Office and city department of special events about how much of a tax break the Amazon Studios production hopes to collect.

“They said $3 million,” Burns (4th) said. “I said, ‘You recognize that by seeking public support that gives us a seat at the table.’

They had no response to that.”

Doesn’t Chicago have more pressing needs for $3 Million than to hand it to a millionaire filmmaker? Maybe that cash could be used to keep a school open instead of paying a millionair’s salary.

Lee’s film “Chiraq” is set to exploit deal with the tragic issue of violence in the black communities of Chicago.


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