Media Pink Washes Tyler The Creator’s Homophobic Rant At Coachella 2015!

2015 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival - Weekend 1 - Day 2
(Rapper Tyler The Creator at Coachella 2015)

Coachella is a giant West Coast music festival that’s become the “must do” event of the year for the creme of the crop of America’s pop culture icons. From Madonna (fossil) to Bieber (child), and everyone in-between, anyone who’s anyone in entertainment is there.

This year attendees were treated to a homophobic rant from rapper “Tyler the Creator”, and rather than turn against the rapper, the most progressive and tolerant crowd on earth cheered.



Wait Mikey they don’t let you film down here either? That’s fu*ked up! Coachella I f**k with you but you got these weak ass faggot a$$ bitch ass old ass photographers here and my boy couldn’t film for me? for my personal record? That’s fu*ked up Coahella! That’s really fucked up! …that my boy couldn’t film for my personal sh*t but you got all these faggot a$$ magazines right here. I don’t appreciate that/ That’s really fu*ked up dog.

Then the media proceed to edit his remarks out of all their coverage. Like it never even happened.

Even worse, they made a massive story out of his other comments at the same performance! Yup, this is the same rapper who made headlines for telling Kendall Jenner “F**k you!”

Billboard ran a big story about Mr. Creator’s remarks, but they also cleaned up his homophobic rant. Pick washed it, if you will.

Coachella 2015: Tyler the Creator Pokes Fun at Dr. Dre and Snoop, Hurls F-Bomb at Kendall Jenner

Jabs aside, the Odd Future frontman was in good spirits during his night-two set.

Faggot’s aside, he was in really good spirits?

Let’s recap:

1) Rapper Tyler The Creator unleashes a homophobic rant
2) The Progressive entertainment community cheered
3) Rapper Tyler The Creator curses at Kendall Jenner
4) The media edits out the homophobic rant
5) The media pushes a giant marketing narrative for Coachella 2015 by packaging his OTHER, pink washed comments.

Did Kendall Jenner cheer and laugh? Would her trans-gender father, Bruce, approve?

(h/t to the Howard Stern Show for being the only outlet with enough integrity to play Tyler The Creator’s homophobic words.)

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