London Hosts Holocaust Denier & Nazi Rally

Guest post by DMartyr


The U.K. denied entry to “Islamophobes” Robert Spencer and Pam Geller claiming their visit would not be “conducive to the public good.” The country, however, has no problem allowing Nazis from around the world to enter.

Stating the truth about Islam is not conducive to the public good, but apparently, denying the holocaust, supporting Nazism, and applauding Islamic terrorism is:


Nazi sympathisers, Holocaust deniers and their supporters from across the world have held a sickening secret rally in Britain at which speakers unleashed anti-Semitic rants, referring to Jews as ‘the enemy’ and ‘children of darkness’.

The meeting of the shadowy organisation will fuel fears of a growing resurgence in hatred towards Jews across Europe. The vile event was observed by a Mail on Sunday undercover team.

Held in London’s Victoria, the meeting was, said experts, the most significant gathering of Holocaust deniers Britain has ever seen, with speakers invited from Spain, Canada and the United States. […]

In a room draped with the Union Flag, as the event called the London Forum unfolded, the audience:

  • Sniggered at the mention of ‘ashes rising from the death camps’ crematoria’;
  • Applauded as they were urged to ‘identify, counter and break … Jewish-Zionist domination’;
  • Laughed at the Charlie Hebdo massacre, and as an African leader at the Paris memorial ceremony was described as ‘some Negro’;
  • Cheered at the mention of a brigade of Spanish Fascists who fought for the Nazis;
  • Heard gay parents branded ‘monster families’ and mixed race children described as ‘blackos’

People who speak the truth about Islam are ostracized, while those who spread hatred are embraced. The U.K. is broken.

(Hat Tip: Jihad Watch)

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