Latest ISIS Christian Massacre Video Is Faked – ISIS Killers Are Size of Giants

ISIS released video in of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians being marched along a Libyan beach before being beheaded by black-clad members of Islamic State in February. After the release, experts who made it through the sickening, five-minute clip concluded the footage was faked.

The ISIS Coptic massacre video was faked.
isis libya copts
The ISIS fighters appeared all to be over 7 foot tall compared to their Egyptian victims.

On Saturday ISIS released a new beach slaughter video of Ethiopian Christians.


The video shows two groups of Christians being slaughtered by ISIS in Libya.

ISIS says one group is held by an ISIS affiliate in eastern Libya known as Barka Province and the other by an affiliate in the south calling itself the Fazzan Province. A masked terrorist brandishing a pistol delivers a long statement, in which he demands Christians convert to Islam. And the video then switches between footage of the captives in the south being shot dead and the captives in the east being beheaded on a beach.

However at least part of the video production appears to be manipulated.
isis ethiopian
The ISIS members in the desert appear to by giants compared to their Ethiopian victims.

Once again ISIS appeared to manipulate the video for maximum propaganda appeal.

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