Khamenei: Obama Fact Sheet a Lie – No Unconventional Inspections on Military Sites

Iranian Supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei posted several tweets today accusing the United States of “always” deceiving and breaching promises.

Khamenei also says Obama’s nuclear agreement fact sheet is a lie.

On outcome of recent talks, I’m neither for nor against it;according to officials,yet no measure has been taken& there’s no binding results.


What’s been done so far secures neither the main deal nor its contents nor is it even clear whether #talks will bear fruit & lead to a deal.

Hours after the #talks, Americans offered a fact sheet that most of it was contrary to what was agreed.They always deceive &breach promises.

All #sanctions should be removed just when the deal is reached. If sanctions removal depends on another process then why we started to talk?

No unconventional inspection that’d place Iran under special monitoring is acceptable. Foreign monitoring on #Iran’s security isn’t allowed.

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