Judge Napolitano: DOJ Indicted Menendez on Charges Far Less Serious & Harmful Than Evidence Against Clintons (VIDEO)

Can Hillary Clinton be trusted?
Judge Andrew Napolitano weighed in on the latest Clinton “cash for uranium” scandal last night on Special Report. Napolitano says the Clinton scandal is far more serious than the DOJ charges against Democratic Senator Bob Menendez.

“If the foreign policy, the public policy of the United States of America was influenced by donations to the Clinton Foundation, or fees paid to Bill Clinton, which under New York State law where Mr. Clinton and Mrs. Clinton make their marital home, or hers as well as his, the FBI must commence an investigation into whether or not there was active or passive known or unknown bribery in this case… The Justice Department just indicted New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez for bribery for behavior far less harmful to the country on evidence far less on what we know about Mrs. Clinton.

Via Special Report:

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