ISIS Fighters Take Control of Syrian Border Town – Fire Missiles Into Israel (VIDEO)

ISIS fighters took control of the south Syrian border town of Qahtaniya this week and fired two missiles into the Golan Heights.

Here is video of Ahrar ash-Sham (part of the Islamic Front) in combat with ISIS-linked group Jaish al-Jihad in the area of Qahtaniya (Quneitra) near the border with Israel’s Golan-Heights.

Israel National News reported:


The two mortar rounds fired on Israel’s Golan Heights from Syria on Tuesday in estimated “spillover” were launched by the brutal Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist organization, which is the closest it’s ever been to the Israeli border with Syria.

The ISIS-linked Jaish al-Jihad has captured the border town of Qahtaniya in southern Quneitra province on the Syrian Golan, thereby taking up its closest position to Israel yet at a distance of just 2.5 to 3 kilometers (1.5-1.8 miles), according to Walla!.

Qahtaniya had been in the hands of the Free Syrian Army and the Al Qaeda affiliate Nusra Front which had kept the status quo vis-a-vis Israel, concentrating their efforts against the Syrian regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

Now that the town has fallen to ISIS, it may turn into a base of attacks against the Jewish state.

On Tuesday morning Nusra Front launched an operation to try and recapture the town, with clashes between it and ISIS including machine gun fire, anti-tank missiles and mortar rounds. During the clash two mortar shells slammed into Israel near Kibbutz Ein Zivan.

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