ISIS Degrades And Destroys Christian Graves In Mosul

Obama’s JV squad is currently surging in Iraq:

ISIS militants are advancing in the combat zone that claimed the most American lives during the Iraq War.

Despite U.S.-led coalition airstrikes, the terror group has managed to hold on to a majority of Iraq’s Anbar province, including the city of Fallujah. The militants are also closing in on the provincial capital Ramadi, overrunning three nearby villages this week. [more…]

Murdering all the Christians isn’t enough, so ISIS has moved on to murdering their graves as well.


Fox Reports:


Photos of the black-clad, extremist ghouls smashing headstones in cemeteries in the key northern city of Mosul were posted Thursday online under the title “Leveling Graves and Erasing Pagan Symbols.”

These ISIS activists are merely demonstating the intersectionality of “degrade & destroy” and “lead from behind”.

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