ISIS Blows Up St. Mary’s Christian Church for Easter

isis st marys
ISIS bombed the Assyrian church in Tel Nasri at 9 AM on Easter morning.

ISIS celebrated Easter this year by blowing up St. Mary’s Church in Tel Nasri, Syria. The 80 year-old church is located in an area where ISIS was battling Kurdish forces.
The IBTimes reported:

In a bid to kill Assyrian fighters, the Islamic State (Isis) militants blew up an ancient church in the Syrian province of Al-Hasakah.

According to Syrian state news agency SANA, the 80-year-old St Mary’s Church in Tel Nasri – an Assyrian village in an area where Christian and Kurdish militia have been fighting Isis – has been destroyed by the jihadist group.

The report did not reveal if there were any causalities. It is suggested that the Isis operation on Easter Sunday was aimed at eliminating the Christian and Kurdish militia groups.

The Church of Our Lady Mary, built in 1934, was one of Syria’s oldest churches.

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